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Embarrassing moment as lady was left stranded after failing to pay for taxi she took to boyfriend’s place



Embarrassing Moment As Lady Was Left Stranded After Failing To Pay For Taxi She Took To The lady ordered for a ride without having money on her


A lady was left with no option than to stay in a taxi cab she took to her boyfriend’s place after failing to pay the driver.

Apparently, this lady had chartered the car with the hope of getting to her destination and calling her boyfriend to settle the bill.

No sooner had she arrived than the supposed boyfriend refused to pick up her calls.

This was a huge embarrassment to the lady who had traveled all the way without any money on her.

The impatient driver was not ready to compromise or listen to her numerous pleas and suggestions as he ‘dragged’ the lady for his money.

The video which was shared on Twitter had the caption:

“How do you guys request for a ride knowing that you are not the one paying, and you yourself don’t even have money to pay. Like Idg what if the person meant to pay can’t pick up call or his or her phone got spoilt. How do u intend to pay the driver.”

Check out the video below:



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