SOCIAL NEWSVideo: Is Former TV3  News Presenter Joyce Midley now a preacher ?



Former TV3 News Presenter, Joyce Midley has been spotted preaching and that raises the question of whether the news presenter has abandoned the news for the gospel.

In a short video posted on YouTube, Joyce Midley who was once the sports news presenter on GTV is seen encouraging people to have faith and to believe in Jesus Christ for eternal life.

It seems Joyce who has been off our screens also got married quietly to Patrick Quainoo of Patrick Quainoo Global Ministries and Christian Faith Ministries.

On her Facebook profile is a beautiful picture of the two which features her married name Mrs. Joyce Quainoo.

The short video also features her husband. Per the content of the video, it can be said that Joyce Midley has joined a number of Ghanaian media personalities and actors who abandoned fame and embraced the gospel of Jesus Christ including Actor Majid Michael and Rapper Yaw Siki. It is not clear how long Joyce started preaching but we wait to see how far she will pursue this newfound passion.

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