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VIDEO: #FixTheCountry demo staged outside Ghana High Commission in London



Cvddfedfdvdgrg Fix The Country UKSome of the protesters at the Belgrade Square in the UK


The reach and influence of the #FixTheCountry campaign have not been limited to only the immediate inner borders of Ghana, as some Ghanaians in the diaspora have latched onto it.

Ahead of the #FixTheCountry demonstration in Accra on August 4, Ghanaians in London are outside the Ghana High Commission expressing their displeasure with the running of the country.

Dubbed the #FixTheCountry Demo UK, some of the participants have shared videos of the exercise which shows dozens of protesters in Ghana colours holding placards and chanting.

In the videos that have been shared on Facebook, it shows two groups on opposite sides of the street: one for the demonstration, and the other for the supporters of the government.

Here are some of them:



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