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VIDEO: Empress Vee allows presenter to touch her vajayjay to confirm that she wears no dross



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It’s apparent a lot of people have devised clever means to harness the potential of social media to fit into their parochial scope. 

One such person is a budding Ghanaian artiste, Empress Vee who allowed a presenter to touch, look and ‘manipulate’ her private part just to authenticate her claim that she wears no ‘dross’ (panties).

The young lady said her female ancestors never wore underwear hence she’s merely following tradition. She said it’s a normal thing in their family for females not to wear dross.

The interviewer who kept doubting that she actually walks around wearing nothing beneath, asked permission to check for himself.

He then had a field day touching the sensitive part of Empress Vee as she equally enjoyed the moment while acting unconcerned.

Should this be a source of concern for all of us, looking at the moral decadence in recent times?


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