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PHOTOS: 20 Ghanaians Who Painfully Died In 2021



These are list of Ghanaians who died painful deaths in 2021 that got many troubled on social media.

We’re just in the middle of 2021, and Ghana has already recorded countless tragic deaths of the aged, adults and children.

The deaths mostly come as surprise to many since nobody expected them. Mostly, people are supposed to die naturally as designed by God almighty but unfortunately some die before their time and through mysterious circumstances.

Some Ghanaians have over the years experienced deaths through sad circumstances but the first quarter of the year 2021 has been one of the difficult moments in the country. Whilst armed robbers raid the streets to take the lives of innocent persons, sakawa ‘boys’ in their quest to make money try to sacrifice their close friends and loved ones for riches.

Those who were unsuccessful have been apprehended by the police whilst others walk free without being detected.

Many of these tragic events occurred without the media’s knowledge, while others were broadcast on most Ghanaian media news outlets, causing many netizens and viewers/listeners of local news stations to weep in their homes.


We can all be careful with our movements and take personal security seriously. These criminals are hiding in our communities and can strike at any moment. It is only being careful and the Grace of God that can keep us safe. has compiled a list of 20 terrible deaths in Ghana that will live on in the minds of Ghanaians forever. This is a list of persons who died as a result of the evil acts of others.

1. Juliet Obu who was killed by his boyfriend allegedly over a smartphone

A young and beautiful lady identified as Juliet (Julie) on January 13, 2021 was been allegedly murdered by her boyfriend for breaking up with him after he bought a brand new phone for her.

According to the mother and twin sister of the deceased, on that sad day, the late Julie had a misunderstanding with her boyfriend who visited her at her workplace and even broke her phone that same day.

Per rumors, the guy knew that Juliet had planned to break up with him and out of pain, he lured Juliet that he had gotten her a new phone and called her to meet him behind her house where she was later seen lying lifeless in a pool of blood behind their house – Read more with videos and pictures here.

2. Driver of Lilwin’s school bus who unintentionally drove over a five years girl

To some extents, this painful death is considered in’s list because the girl died unnatural death. However, we’re not saying she was intentionally murdered by the driver.

Actor Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin, the owner of Great Minds International School was hit with a sad news after one of his school buses killed a 5-year-old girl.

This misfortune happened on Wednesday, 17 February when the bus was picking students of the school from their various homes.

An eye witness said that when the driver stopped to allow the school students to board the bus, the 5-year-old girl who was not a student of school stood near the bus and it ran over the girl when the bus immediately moved, leaving her dead on the spot – Read More and her Lilwin’s reaction.

3. Lilian Dedjoe who was reportedly killed by her rich husband Prince Charles Dedjoe.

Prince Charles Dedjoe and wife Lilian - Ghanaians Who Died Painful Deaths In 2021

Prince Charles Dedjoe, Allegedly Murdering His Wife, Lilian Dedjoe. Dedjoe assaulted his wife, which resulted in her sustaining varying degrees of injury, after which she sought treatment at the Madina Polyclinic.

When Lilian returned home, her condition deteriorated. On March 6, she went into coma and was rushed to the hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival. (Read More Here)

4. Elizabeth Yesutor Akpalu allegedly killed by her boyfriend, Mr Philip Caesar Kumah.

Mr. Kumah Caesar Philip after reports that he killed his girlfriend, Yesutor Elizabeth Akpalu.

Mr Philip Caesar Kumah, was been arrested on March 11, 2021 for allegedly beating his girlfriend to death. Elizabeth Yesutor Akpalu reportedly complained about being physically assaulted by the suspect to her friends.

She, however, did not heed their advice to report the abuses to the police. (Read More Here).

5. Late Cleric Ahmed Maikano’s son, Sheikh Ali Ahmed Maikano who was shot by armed robbers.

Sheikh Ali Ahmed Maikano

Popular son of late Ghanaian Tijaniyya Cleric Ahmed Maikano Jallow of Prang, Sheikh Ali Ahmed Maikano AbulFaili Jallo laid to rest after he was attacked and killed by armed robbers on the  Abromase road.

It was a sad moment when top Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ali Ahmed Maikano was laid to rest.

The deceased was reportedly travelling to his home at Prang from Kajegu, where he was a guest speaker for an event but was shot by suspected highway robbers – click here to Read More.

6. Harriet Kafui Ahiati who was killed by his boyfriend, Anthony Jay Dordoye for allegedly cheating on him.

Boy Allegedly Kills Girlfriend In Ho

Anthony Jay Dordoye, on March 2021 was arrested for killing his lover Harriet Kafui Ahiati, 25, in Ho in the Volta Region of Ghana.

According to a Ghanaweb report, Mr Dordoye is said to have told the police that his lover, 25, cheated on him.

In a bid to confront his lover Harriet Kafui Ahiati, 25, over the issue, things got out of hand and he allegedly took her life in her house.

According to Police Public Affairs, Sergeant Prince Dogbatse, Jay reportedly made the confession while in the operating room after he tried to end his own life – read more here.

7. 10-year-old Egg Seller who was killed by Policeman chasing an unregistered car

A ten year old girl on April 7, 2021 was killed by a police officer who was chasing an unregistered vehicle on the Ntankoful-Anaji highway

The policeman who has been identified as Owusu was driving a private car and was reportedly chasing the driver of an alleged unlicensed vehicle.

According to a report filed by 3news, the vehicle the policeman was driving reportedly lost control in the process of chasing the unlicensed vehicle and smashed a tipper truck.

An eye witness who was what happened said the driver lost control and veered off the main road, smashing the little girl who was hawking alongside the road killing her at the spot – click here to read more.

8. Ismael Mensah, 10, who was killed by Kasoa boys for money rituals

Ismael Mensah, Kasoa murder

Two young men, aged 18 and 19, were arrested by the police for allegedly murdering the 10-year-old boy for rituals in the Awutu Senya East Municipality in the Central Region.

The deceased, only identified as Ishmael, was found dead in an uncompleted building at Kasoa Lamptey in the same Municipality – Read more here.

9. Benin national who killed a 4-year-old-boy at Pokuase

Breaking: Angry Pokuase Area Boys Chase Out Benin Nationals After They Allegedly Killed 4-year-old Boy (Photos + Video)

A man, believed to be a Beninois, was arrested on April 13, 2021 as other Benin nationals living at Pokuase were on the run following the murder of a four-year-old boy, Kevin Adom Amponsah, a kindergarten pupil at Pokuase

The father, Frank Amponsah, said he strongly believes his neighbours who are Beninois were behind the murder of his son. The neighbours claimed he was electrocuted to death.

He said he had a distress call that the child had been electrocuted but upon arrival at the scene, he realised that there was no power in the electric cable planted in the child’s hands.

He explained in an interview with Adom News that he was of a strong conviction his son was poisoned per what he saw at the scene.

Mr Amponsah rushed the child to the hospital but he was pronounced dead.

According to him, his son was sociable and was always seen in the company of the suspected killers.

The Beninois, he noted, have fled the area after news of his son went viral but luck eluded one who is currently in police grips – watch video and see picture here.

10. 25-year-old man who killed a 5-year-old boy at Obuasi

A 25 year old man in Obuasi was arrested for killing an innocent 5 year old boy.

According to reports, on Thursday 29th April 2021, Opanin Kojo Amoako reported to Tutu Police station about his missing grandson.

The police then made announcements on various media houses in the area.

Two hours later, the man came back to report to the police that he has found the lifeless body of his grandson under the bed of one of his tenants called Emmanuel Agyei – watch video here.

11. SHS girl, Leticia Kyere Pinaman, 17, who reportedly committed suicide.

Leticia Kyere Pinaman, who was a final year student of the Miracle Senior High School in Sunyani was found hanging at the school’s dinning hall on May 18, 2021.

Her body was found hanging at the school’s dinning hall while other students were attending bible studies at the school’s auditorium.

A note found on the deceased read “THERE IS SOO MUCH SORROW AND PAIN IN MY HEART.

According to reports, the young lady had committed suicide however, her parents and family members think their daughter was rather murdered as they found marks and scars on her suggesting someone had a hand in her death – see pictures and video here.

12. 50-year-old man who was shot and killed in daylight by armed robbers

The victim of an armed robbery incident on Monday, April 12, at Amanful, a suburb of Takoradi in the Western Region, has died.

The man, believed to be in his 50s, was shot by the armed robbers who subsequently bolted with an undisclosed amount of money.

The deceased was in the company of his wife when the incident occurred.

According to a citinewsroom report, the Administrator of the Takoradi Hospital, Reverend Osei Owusu, confirmed the death of the man on Tuesday – read more here.

13. “Fix the country” activist, Mohammed Kaaka Ibrahim who was allegedly killed by the police

#FixTheCountry Activist Ibrahim Kaaka Mohammed Has Been Murdered | Details

The #FixTheCountry Campaigners and Economic Fighters League Mohammed Kaaka Ibrahim died after he suffered a head injury in an attack at Ejura on June 2021.

Medical Doctor at the Ejura Government Hospital Dr Mensah Manye told JoyNews that Mohammed’s head injury was severe with internal bleeding.

The deceased was attacked by two assailants yet to be arrested by the police.

Speaking during a Facebook live session in remembrance of the #FixTheCountry activist, Fighter-General of the Economic Fighters League, Hardi Yakubu condemned the alleged killing of Ibrahim Kaaka Mohammed describing it as a heinous act of suppression.

14. Two Ejura youths killed allegedly by some military during a protest.

Two youth of Ejura have died with four severely injured after some protesting youth of Ejura Sekyedumase clashed with the military officers on the street following the death of FixTheCountry activist Ibrahim Kaaka Mohammed – watch video here.

15. Yaw Gorman Eyifa, the headmaster who was murdered by unknown gunmen in Cape Coast.

Yaw Gorman Eyifa was supposed to be part of the 2021 population and housing census enumerators. Just as he was returning from a training session, unknown gunmen surrounded his car and killed him on the spot.

The young man was a headteacher in one of the schools in Cape Coast. The assailants bolted after committing the crime. This can best be described as contract killing and it is unknown who was behind that.

But that person never cared how the family he is leaving behind will be catered for. He was only interested in killing him which is unfortunate.

16. Angela Jumor, young lady who was murdered in Kumasi by armed robbers.

Angela Jumor was also killed recently at Maxima Junction in the Ashanti Region by armed robbers. They were only interested in her handbag and mobile phone. They could have spared her life after snatching the phone but that was not their headache.


17. Abigail Larbi

It happened in Ghana’s Eastern zone, specifically in Onakwase. In the person of Isaac, the suspect was said to be 24 years old. Because of a simple misunderstanding, Isaac killed his wife, who was thought to be in her twenties.

The deceased had two children, but Isaac was unconcerned about this and simply took her life. He thought he’d never be caught when he left Eastern for Accra on that fateful day, but Ghana police did their job and apprehended him in Madina.

18. Georgina Lawini who was killed by her jilted taxi driver boyfriend, Emmanuel Kwakye 

This incident happened in Bronyibima where a jilted boyfriend decided to end the life of his partner because he thought she was cheating on him. Emmanuel Kwakye was a 45 taxi driver and also the suspect.

Emmanuel realizing the degree of murder he committed, decided to evade the law by committing suicide as well. His lifeless body was seen hanging on a tree at Bronyibima Municipal Assembly school.

19. Police Officer, Kobby, who was killed by armed robber while protecting a Bullion van

The 25-year-old police officer and an eyewitness, Afua Badu, were shot and killed by unknown armed robbers at Adedenkpo, a suburb of James Town in Accra on June 14 while he was escorting a bullion van transporting money.

This incident occured in June 2021 as the the Ghana Police Service have revealed it has placed GH¢20,000 bounty on anyone who help find the armed robbers who shot and killed a policeman Constable General Emmanuel Osei and woman during an attack on a bullion van at Adedenkpo, a suburb of James Town in Accra – click here to read more.

20. Israel Agyei Manu who was beheaded by a man for money rituals in the Ashanti Region

The decapitated body of an adult male was found at Feyiase in the Bosomtwe District of the Ashanti Region.

A search party of the police and community members led to the retrieval of the head about 20 metres away from the location of the body.

The head was found with many machete cuts. The area is under development, with many uncompleted houses.

According to the murder, he was asked by a ritualist to bring a human head for quick money – read more here.vv


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