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VIDEO: How I feed, cater for my 47 wives and 240 children – Chief discloses



A local chief in Tengzug in the Talensi District in the Upper East Region who is married to 47 wives and has about 240 children has disclosed how they care for each other.

Speaking to Kofi Adoma Nwanwani, on Angel TV’s Anopa Bofo show, Nana, a son of the popular chief, disclosed that even though the family is huge in number, they live cordially among themselves.

Nana explained that most of the family members depend on farming as their major source of income and food. They get most of their foodstuffs from the produce from their farms.

They eat from one another and serve as watchmen and women over one another’s children. Any wife can discipline a child when he or she is going wayward in the family.

When it comes to sex, a roster is done to ensure equality among all the wives.

Nana told Kofi Adoma that they spread across all parts of the country due to their huge number.

In the interview monitored by GhanaWeb, it was disclosed that female children in the family are not counted because they believe once they get married, they leave to be with their husbands.

The family worships a god called Nana Tongor which they claim watches over all indigenes of the village and grants them their heart desires.

Watch the interview below:



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