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Are you a witch? – Social media users slam Odartey Lamptey’s ex-wife after latest ruling



Odartey Lamptey NewFormer Ghana football star Odartey Lamptey


• A court has ruled against an appeal by Odartey Lamptey‘s ex-wife to own his house

• The rulings brings an end to the divorce battle

• Some Ghanaians can’t believe the actions of the ex-wife

“Which kind of woman cheats on her husband and then have the effrontery to fight him in court over his properties, a witch?” This appears to be the popular sentiment on social media over the latest decision by the Appeal’s Court to throw out a request for claimant of a property by Gloria Appiah, the ex-wife of Odartey Lamptey.

Gloria Appiah who was found to have cheated on the Ghanaian football legend was handed a four-bedroom house and GH¢200,000 as alimony for their divorce in 2013.

But Appiah was not satisfied with the ruling. She went to the Appeal’s Court to seek for an addition of Odartey’s seven-bedroom apartment to the benefits but the court rejected it.

She pressed on and filed a new case which was determined on Thursday. The Appeal’s Court once again threw out Gloria Appiah’s request.

Odartey Lamptey has been among the leading trends since the latest news broke on Thursday afternoon with social media users struggling to understand what motivates Gloria Appiah.

Most are at a loss as to why a lady who had medically and legally been found to be unfaithful but still have the ‘impudence of a dying cockroach’ to continue fighting for properties.

To most people, the lady is manifesting signs of witchcraft and must be called out for tormenting the ex-footballer.

While most people sympathize with Odartey Lamptey, they believe that he should muster courage and evict the woman from her house.

Odartey has meanwhile in a reaction to the ruling said he is elated as he can now get into his own house after months of renting.

“I’ve been renting for eight years now since the first ruling while my ex-wife is living in my 7-bedroom house in East Legon in addition to the four bedroom house she has been given by the court.

“Sometimes I shed tears when I’m alone in my room. My children sometimes encourage me and ask me not to cry again,” he said.

“Today when I was going to the court, my first born hugged me and told me that I will win so that we move into our own house. I promised her that I’ll give the house to her when I win. That’s my only inspiration now.”

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