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Wendy Shay joins Moesha as latest celebrity to embrace God



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“I have found the light, Jesus Christ is the way, truth, and light and if you find him and entrust everything to him, things will fall in the right place”.

The above quote is a message from nurse-turned-musician, Wendy Shay, as she announces her repentance after experiencing a spiritual awakening.

Speaking in an interview on Accra-based radio, Okay FM, Wendy said she had found her true self and was on a total rebranding in terms of belief, music, brand, and image.

Her true self, she said she discovered after undergoing personal problems including spiritual warfare in the last couple of years.

“I have now redeemed myself, you know the relationship with God has so many levels, I am not the closest to God, but I am in a level where I trust God entirely as he has shown me his grace and power.”

Even though she didn’t provide details of the problems she encountered, Wendy disclosed she has been through a lot, and in that period, was introduced to Jesus Christ who calmed her storms.

With her new ‘child-of-God’ identity, the Masakra hitmaker said she had taken it upon herself to reconcile other children of God to the father.

She said her new mandate was to alert mankind that salvation and comfort await them, only if they ignore the dark forces governing the earth and run into the temple of the Most-High.

On how to achieve that feat, Wendy said she has dedicated her social media pages to preaching to her, over 5 million, followers.

“My platform is not just for my music. I have 2.3 million followers on Instagram, 1.6 million on Facebook, and 1 million on Twitter. I have started preaching on my social media pages. When I came back from Germany, I wasn’t a believer, but now, I am closer to God, and I want to bring my fans to Him too”.

Her repentance comes at a time when Ghanaians are still coming to terms with actress Moesha Boduong’s newfound faith in God.

Moesha announced weeks ago that she has parted ways with her former lifestyle, even to the point of selling off all properties she acquired through her shady dealings.




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