File photo: Juju

Internet fraudster or known locally as ‘game boy’ or ‘sakawa’ has disclosed that some of his friends have died because they disobeyed their spiritual (juju) consultants.

In an interview on SVTV Africa, Samson (pseudonym) said that what they do is con whites, however, there is a spiritual backing that aids fast transaction.

“You must not continue taking from one client for too long. After you get the money, move on to another person. The mallam will give you two or three months to make money from a client. So you need to set a target and make that money before the time is up. If you continue with the client, trouble,” he revealed.

Samson mentioned some game boys who have died through this, “every game boy at Taifa, Mile 7 knows Makaveli. Dog sperm turned into a snake and his mother killed him but she didn’t know. Taifa boys know this.”

He added that there are some musicians and pastors who work with them because of the offshore accounts they have.

“I can mention some popular musicians who are in this game. Our clients send the money through their accounts and they take 20 per cent. That is what they spend on flashy cars.

“We use NGO accounts and churches are under NGO and they are in this game with us. I don’t want to mention names but they are well-known pastors. Calculate 20 per cent of 4 million dollars,” Samson said on Naked Truth.

Kindly watch the full interview below: