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Moesha Gives All Her Properties To The Church



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Following her conversion to full Christianity, it has been gathered that Moesha Boduong has given all her properties to the church that converted her.


How did this happen, let us delve in below:

Moesha Boduong was earlier this week spotted preaching in an uncompleted building, creating a stir online as the video goes viral.

It has been revealed that she takes trot now, although, she owns a super-fast car.

Indeed, an IG Blogger shared these details about her properties being given out:

“We are indeed very happy and very supportive of Ghana’s Moesha with the whole repentance thing.

But we’re a little worried too. Reliable information reaching us is that Moesha has given almost everything she owned to the Church. Read again; ALMOST EVERYTHING. Hmm! Yes we are worried. We are not saying Pastor George isn’t all that but then the girls are talking, Vicky Michael’s make-up artists etc are talking. It’s now becoming a little worrying.

Christians, please kindly school us. Does repentance means the young girl should give almost everything if not everything she ever owned to the church? We’ll love to speak with Pastor George to educate us a little bit more on this or if any Ghanaian media House can reach out to Vicky Micheal’s “alleged” cousin and confirmed pastor whose church plays a major role is this whole Moesha’s repentance journey.

Must one give out everything he/she owns to become a Christian?

Please Pastors in the house, kindly school is cuz some of us are worried maybe it’s because we are naive about Christianity “.



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