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VIDEO: Bro Sammy chokes on English



• During his interview with Stacy, Bro Sammy made an effort to speak English

• He recounted how he became a famous musician

• He found himself wanting and later opted to speak Twi 

Bro Sammy’s desire to grant an interview in English language although he had the option of doing so in local dialect Asante Twi ‘fell flat’ a few minutes into the interview as he struggled to express himself in the Queen’s language.

What is hilarious, however, is not how glaring his deficiency with the language was, but the manner with which he opted to reverse his stance.

Having been introduced on ‘Restoration With Stacy’ as a personality who “has a lot of energy” and one who “is a whole mood” because “when he steps everywhere, you know the atmosphere is just about to change”, the gospel musician who is famed for his eccentricities expressed his readiness to give an articulate account of his life experience in English.

Although the beginning of his story was sorrowful, the narration was characterized by humour.

“How my music journey started is, my parents die when I was young. Even my father, I did see him before… I didn’t know where he is now,” Bro Sammy begun his recollection of events.

“But I saw my mother. My mother die when I was 9 years. So the mother whom I will ask him where is my father, the mother also has die so I join a group of pastors. That pastors, they sleep at a park called Amankwatia Park and we do the church inside the school,” Sammy continued with his story.

He mentioned that a pastor once held a program at the school where he ministered. His performance, Sammy said, struck the said pastor as he had an invitation to minister in his church located at Berekum.

“He took me there and when I went there, he gave me the church room. I was the watchman there because I pack all the instrument when we close the church to one house there; and when we are coming to do the church, I bring it inside the church and water the church,” Bro Sammy continued.

At this point, Bro Sammy’s face was haggard and tired-looking although it was just two minutes into the interview. He paused and uttered “ma me nka Twi na me ho nto me wae” – to wit, let me express myself in Twi and be free”, a statement that elicited a burst of resounding laughter from host, Stacy.

Watch the interview below from 5mins 30sec.



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