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Former IGP sues Net 2’s ‘The Seat’ show host for defamation




Former IGP, David Asante-ApeatuFormer IGP, David Asante-Apeatu

•The former IGP has sued a Net 2 Television staff for defamation

•David Asante Apeatu claims the defendant, Justice Annan made libelous statements against him on his’The Seat’ show

•These he said have marred his reputation and brought his name into disrepute

Former Inspector General of Police, David Asante-Apeatu has filed a lawsuit against Justice Kwaku Annan of Net 2 Television for defamation.

The suit filed by his lawyer; Nkum Asmah states that, Mr. Annan who hosts a popular show; ‘The Seat’ on the Accra-based Television station, through his medium, made allegations against the IGP which have, among other things, brought his name and reputation into disrepute.

Portions of the suit state that the defendant (Justice Annan), had claimed the IGP was and is a fence for notorious criminals both in Ghana and Nigeria, that he harbours criminals, and that he (the IGP) is a criminal who has been working in cahoots with hardened international criminals to unleash terror on Ghanaians.

It also stated that some pronouncements made on his platform in June this year suggested that the plaintiff (Mr. Apeatu) is or was on the payroll of top criminals in Ghana and refused to, in his capacity as IGP, cause the arrest and prosecution of these criminals.

The plaintiff claims by this suit, that the words uttered by Mr. Annan during his show were published despite his knowledge that they were false and having considered the benefits of popularity and increased viewership its circulation will bring to his platform; Net 2 Television.

He described the words as malicious and is therefore asking that the court charges the defendant for;

-General damages for libel contained in Mr. Justice’ speech and

-Aggravated damages arising from the libel published by same, as well as costs including the lawyer’s fees.

Below is the full document:



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