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Pumping a car tyre will now cost you GH¢2, here’s why




There is now a 100% increase in pumping a car tyre, this means it will cost a driver GH¢2 per tyre

• There has been a staggering increase in prices at vulcanizing centers.

•It will not cost a driver GH¢2 to inflate a single car tyre

• The charges for other services at vulcanizing centers have also increased

With government having introduced and implemented a number of taxes as contained in the 2021 budget, the impact of the new taxes has manifested on the cost of goods and services.

In that regard, checks by GhanaWeb’s Business Desk showed a staggering increase in the pumping of one’s car tyre or checking tyre pressure.

Until now, it cost a driver GH¢1 to pump one tyre, a price that has been maintained for many years. But now, there is a 100% increase which means it will cost a driver GH¢2 per tyre.

By the time one would finish pumping all four tyres of a saloon vehicle, it will cost them about GH¢8.

Also, many vulcanizers were initially charging as low as GH¢5 for other services but this has increased to GH¢10 at some vulcanizing centres.

An attendant told the news team that the increase was a result of increments in the price of equipment and the high maintenance cost of the machines used.

There have also been reactions by some car users on various social media platforms expressing shock over the increase.

Meanwhile, the Association of Ghana Vulcanizers had earlier in June hinted of a possible increment in their services following a first meeting held with its members.

According to them, the low charges was having a negative effect on their daily income which has brought economic hardship to their members hence the decision to increase the prices.

They also believe the increment in services is necessary as it will improve the lives and quality service delivery of vulcanizers operating in the country.



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