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HOT VIDEO: Residents Expose Health Workers Who Bury Empty Coffins to fake more COVID-19 Deaths


on Has Intercepted a shocking video where Health Workers were seen burying empty coffins they claimed to be dead bodies of COVID-19 patients.

In the video, residents were seen persuading the health workers to open the coffin for them to see the dead person who was being buried. The health workers however tried their best to proceed with their burial neglecting the residents demand. But the pressure from the residents got to a level where the health workers could no longer stop them.

To avoid being mobbed by the crowd, the Health Workers gave in to their request and finally open the coffin only to the surprise of the residents.


Their allegations and suspicions were true, the health workers were burying empty coffins stuffed with foam and clothes.

This happened in Uganda, however, social media users are worried about this Covid development and are asking what the situation could be in other African countries.

The question now is where are the dead bodies of the supposed COVID-19 patients and why would the Gov’t or Health Workers fake more covid-19 deaths?

Check the video out below:



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