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21-year-old boy drowns in a pond at Kenyasi-Truba



A/R:  21-year-old boy drowns in a pond at Kenyasi-Truba

A 21-year-old boy has drowned in a pond at Truba, near Kenyasi in the Kwabre East Municipal of the Ashanti Region.

Isaac Oppong, the deceased, is said to have drowned while fishing with his friends on Monday, June 21, 2021.

This reporter who visited the scene on Tuesday morning said the body was yet to be retrieved from the pond.

Narrating the incident, a friend of the deceased, Kwakye Kwadwo, who together went fishing, said, “after Isaac caught five fishes, we decided to go home but all of sudden Isaac jumped into the water.

“I immediately jumped into the pond to rescue my friend, but I failed because the more I tried to bring him to the shore, the deeper we sank so I abandoned him, only for me to be rescued by a passerby,” he added.

The case was reported to the Kenyasi police.

The police personnel came to the scene on Tuesday alongside the officials of NADMO.

The body is yet to be retrieved at the time of filing the report.

The challenge was that the deceased family were not able to mobilize funds of about GHC3,000 to hire the divers from Lake Bosomtwe to convey the body.

The deceased, Isaac OppongThe deceased, Isaac Oppong


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