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Self-confessed killer wore his victim’s clothes to court



An East London mother, Phindiwe Grey, gave moving testimony on Wednesday about how her daughter, Nolonwabo Grey of Duncan Village, was kidnapped, raped and murdered by a man who had called her family and demanded R3,000 ransom for her release.

The 69-year-old widow’s pain echoed through her testimony in the Mthatha high court.

Her daughter was one of three young women murdered by the man dubbed the Qumbu Facebook rapist.

The 69-year-old widow, who walks with two crutches, screamed at the man who has confessed to killing her daughter. He stood unmoved.

Nolonwabo’s body was found on October 30 2017 near the Ncakuleni grazing land in Qumbu. She was the last of the three young women allegedly killed by Xolisa Sojada.

He found his victims through his fake Facebook page under the name Neo Jerry.

He told judge Richard Brooks where he had killed and dumped his victims.

In her testimony, led by the prosecutor, advocate Mbulelo Nyendwana, the grieving mother told how she had got the shock of her life when she received a call on the night of October 29 2017 from her terrified daughter asking her to send R3,000 to a man who was holding her hostage.

“She was crying and sounding terrified, begging me to borrow R3,000 and send it to her as quickly as we could. She did not talk long and the phone was apparently taken from her.

“I heard a man demanding the money if we did not want my daughter to be killed. I begged him to give us until the next morning for us to borrow the money and send it to him.

Police showed us pictures on the phone and we identified the shirt and the shoes worn by this criminal, sitting there in my daughter’s clothes.

Phindiwe Grey, victim’s mother

“The following day he again called, demanding the money, but after we deposited it he apparently switched the phone off and we never reached him on my daughter’s phone, which he used to phone us.”

She opened a case at the Duncan Village police station and was told a woman’s body had been found in Qumbu.

“The same day, police took us to Mthatha, where we identified the body. We were asked to identify my daughter’s clothes and we did.

“Nolonwabo’s green shorts and shoes were missing. Police showed us pictures on the phone and we identified the shirt and the shoes worn by this criminal, sitting there in my daughter’s clothes.

“Even at his first court appearance he was wearing my daughter’s shorts and shoes.”

Sojada has pleaded guilty to the three murders, but not the six rape cases.

Brooks has yet to give his verdict on the charges.

The trial continues on Thursday.​


South Africa News

Two girls offered to pay for their dog’s treatment with NikNaks




Two young girls from Cape Town exchanged their packet of NikNaks to save their sick puppy.
Two young girls from Cape Town exchanged their packet of NikNaks to save their sick puppy.

Image: Animal Welfare Society of SA/Facebook

A heartfelt story of the two young girls who offered to exchanged their packet of NikNaks to save their sick puppy has taken a turn for the worse, after the puppy apparently went missing at the weekend.

The two girls from Philippi in Cape Town walked to the Animal Welfare Society of SA and offered their chips as payment for having their ill puppy treated.

According to the animal welfare organisation, The dog was treated and saved, but it’s now believed that the puppy was stolen shortly after.

The society said it became aware of the missing puppy when it did a follow-up visit earlier this week and was told that the family strongly suspects the puppy had been stolen.

“Their puppy went missing over the weekend, leaving them heartbroken and inconsolable,” it said.

While conducting a door-to-door search of the area, the society said it found no signs of the missing puppy but found her sibling, named Fluffy “cowering in a patch of overgrown weeds”.

It said the search for the missing puppy was ongoing. “Before leaving the area we spoke to a few community champions and asked them to be on the lookout for the puppy, who with the goodwill and help of the local community, we hope to find soon.”

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VIDEO: Protesters in Johannesburg demand prostitution be legalized




Supporters shout and sing slogans during a march in solidarity with sex workers

Around 200 sex workers took to the streets of Johannesburg on Thursday to demand prostitution be decriminalized.

“This is what I wear to work,” Dudu Dlamini, clad in hiking boots and a long dress, told AFP. “No high heels or short skirts.”

“It requires expertise and skills you have no idea about,” she added.

“I purchased my own house out of sex work,” said Constance Mathe, who has been in the profession for 16 years.

A mother of two, Mathe used to be a domestic worker but only earned 1,000 rands ($72) per month.

An estimated 120,000 and 180,000 sex workers operate in South Africa, according to aid organizations.

But the country’s prostitution laws date back to the apartheid era and punish sex workers and their clients.

“Sex work is work, not a crime,” Dlamini said at the protest.

Around her, the group advanced with signs held aloft reading “Where is the crime?” and “Decrim sex work now”.

Some of the protesters marched with their faces covered, flanked by police cars.

“The police harass us and ask us for money. And sex workers who are abused by their clients cannot just go to the police station and file a case, because they would be prosecuted for being sex workers,” explains Yonela Sinqu of the Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce (SWEAT).

According to the organization prostitutes are often victims of violence and rape.

SWEAT says around 10 sex workers are murdered each year, but that many cases go unreported.


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South Africa considers law to allow women marry more than one husband




The proposed law has been submitted to MPs for consideration

• South Africa currently allows polygamy under its marriage laws
• MPs are debating the bill but the public will also be allowed to make inputs
• A woman can marry more than one husband if the law is passed

The South African government has introduced a new green paper on marriages that allows polyandry in the country.

Polyandry is an arrangement when one woman is allowed to marry more than one husband.

This week, MPs started deliberations on the new paper on marriage.

The green paper was published by the department of home affairs. One of the proposals in it is the recognition of polyandry, a local news portal reported.

Even though the public has until the end of June to comment, the proposal has triggered heated debate on the part of MPs.

Leader of the Al Jama-ah party (one of the small parties) Ganief Hendricks expressed worry and disgust at the bill.

During a plenary hybrid sitting of parliament on Tuesday, Hendricks said he was concerned by the polyandrous marriage proposal in the green paper.

“I am very concerned by the provision in the green paper of the Marriage Act where women are allowed to take more than one husband. You can imagine when a child is born, more DNA tests will be needed to discover who the father is. The problem is only going to get worse,” he said.

The comments however outraged an MP for the main opposition Democratic Alliance, DA, party; MP Natasha Mazzone fumed at the views expressed by her colleague.

“I would like you to refer to what the last speaker, who I will not refer to as honourable, has just said. He was insulting to every woman in this country regarding the rights of women to have multiple husbands and the rights of men to have multiple wives,” said Mazzone.

“In this day and age, in the year 2021, to think that a public representative of this country would dare stand up in the parliament of SA and say something like that is an absolute disgrace. I want it referred to the ethics committee and may I say that the only woman in this country who would possibly feel that way is his wife,” she added.


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