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WATCH: Government-owned ambulance loads bags of cement at Kasoa



Prison Ambulance 6The ambulances were purchased to ensure effective emergency service

• A government-owned ambulance has been spotted loading bags of cement in Kasoa

• The incident according report by UTV happened in Kasoa in the Central Region

• The ambulances were purchased in 2019 to provide emergency health service

Ambulance loading bags of cement? That is beyond strange but in a country where government-owned vehicles have been seen being used for all kinds of activities, it is not surprising to see an ambulance being used to transport bags of cement.

A UTV video trending on social media has one of the recently purchased and constituency assigned ambulances loading bags of cement at Kasoa in the Central Region.

The video has attracted funny reactions from some Ghanaians who are amused that a vehicle designed to deliver emergency health service is being used to carry bags of cement.

The amublances, 145 of them, were purchased by the government in 2019 to address the challenges of emergency health delivery in the country.

They were assigned to each of the 275 constituencies under the governmnt’s One-Constituency-One-Ambulance initiative.

Speaking at a ceremony to commission the ambulances in Accra Tuesday [January 28, 2020], President Akufo-Addo said 145 new ambulance stations have been created to bring to 275 the total number of ambulances stations in Ghana.

“Government is committed to ensuring an effective Emergency Medical Service (EMS) to help improve our country’s emergency response capabilities,” the president said.



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