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Akufo-Addo’s niece angers Ghanaians with ‘disrespectful’ comment against Ho Technical University



Aku Akuffo is a lawyer and niece to President Akufo-Addo

• Some social media users have criticized the appointment of Jake Bediako as Presidential Coordinator for Youth Engagement and Strategy

• They view his appointment as another case of ‘job for the boys’

• Aku Akuffo is however of the view that the criticisms are unwarranted as Bediako qualifies for the role

Aku Akuffo, a lawyer and niece to President Akufo-Addo over the weekend enraged social media users with some ‘denigrating’ comments she made about Ghana education system, specifically the Ho Technical University.

The appointment of one Jake Bediako as Presidential Coordinator for Youth Engagement and Strategy elicited negative response from some Ghanaians on social media.

Some social media users questioned the essence and relevance of the post with the view that it was created to ‘satisfy family and friends’.

Aku Akuffo who was rattled by the comments took to her Instagram page to rant on the issue and advance why she believes Jake Bediako deserves the appointment.

She wrote that “People are actually haters in this Ghana. Like how are you angry that someone who is very qualified for a position has been given that position. We should be celebrating.

“Someone has gone to Cornell University and Cambridge University. We have ministers who speak and the entire nation cringes. Education is a valuable asset people. But sure let’s pretend a young man’s Cambridge and Columbia degrees were picked over your cousin’s Ho Poly certificate because of elitism”

The comments by the legal practitioner angered Ghanaians who deemed her assertions to be an attack on not just Ho Technical University but the Ghanaian education system.

To the tweeps, her comment is a revelation of how Ghana’s political class view the education system.

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