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Good sex is not dependent on his size – Actress



According to her, a man's penis does not determine how good he is in bed

Actress and Fashion Designer, Ama Serwah, has shared her opinion on whether or not the size of a man’s penis is a factor that determines how good he is in bed.

Talking to Adwen the Love Doctor on the adult edutainment programme ‘In Bed with Adwen’ that airs on eTV Ghana, she opined that penis size has no role to play in determining whether a man’s sex game is good enough to give his partner orgasms.

“There are men with extremely small ‘dicks’ who can still make a woman reach orgasm. It depends on how well he can handle it and how well he knows how to work a woman’s body. Not all women are able to squirt but we should also know that not all men can make a woman squirt,” she said.

According to Serwah, some women are natural squirters and others are not, hence, men are not always to blame if a woman does not have an orgasm during sex.

However, she noted that a natural squirter can choose to go in for a man specifically with a huge penis and he may or may not be able to make her reach orgasm. This, she said, is no different from men with smaller penises.



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