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VIDEO: Police whip handcuffed suspect with broom



Police at Akyem Abomosu in the Eastern Region have been captured in a video physically assaulting a suspected notorious robber with a broom.

The Police officers can be seen in the video hitting the head of the suspect identified as Olentei multiple times with a broom, while in handcuffs and sitting on a chair.

The suspect fell from the chair onto the floor while the police continued the battery. sources say the suspect was arrested two weeks ago after attacking the family of a Pentecost Pastor at Akyem Abomosu Community.

He has reportedly been on the Police wanted list for alleged multiple crimes including robbery, stabbing, and prison custody escape.

The suspect is standing trial in court.

Meanwhile, the local police are being criticized for the manner in which they handled the suspect.

Abuse of suspects in custody has been topical in recent times following the alleged assault of Citi FM’s Caleb Kudah after his arrest by the National Security.

“They were still beating me slapping me from the back, I will be talking to another one and someone will come and slap me from the back and you feel dizzy at once. At this point, they had handcuffed me and every now and again one will come and press it harder so that I feel the pain.

“Along the line, a man identified as Agyeman came in and I tried to talk to him, and immediately, he asked me to kneel down and he kicked me in the groin. I tried to plead with him that Sir they have beaten me enough. I beg you please let me go because he told me to kneel down, he kicked me in the groin.

“They had taken my phone and they were looking through my chat and then they found out that I had sent photos to Zoe that is when the gentleman started chatting Zoe as though I was the one talking to her,” the journalist recounted after his release.


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