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VIDEO: Nigel Gaisie dares Kweku Annan to proceed to court



Prophet Nigel Gaisie has reacted to the legal action taken against him by the host of ‘The Seat’ programme on Net 2 TV, Justice Kweku Annan.

In a video, the man of God who felt offended tore the lawsuit into pieces and dared Kweku Annan to take him to court.

According to Prophet Nigel Gaisie, Kweku Annan has made it a point to tarnish his image for over a month and is ready to face him in court.

Nigel Gaisie also reiterated his comment where he accused Kweku Annan of extorting money from pastors.

The founder and leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel further rained insult and curses on Kweku Annan and dared him to do his worse.

“I received a lawsuit from this little man asking me to retract my statement and apologise within two weeks. I am not a coward and I am daring him to take me to court. For the past one year, you have made me your agenda.

I came here to tear your letter, Kweku Annan, I have no respect for this lawsuit. If you are a man proceed to court. You sat on tv to denigrate me but I just spited you and like a dog you came to vomit. Retraction my foot, take me to court”, Nigel Gaisie angrily stated.

Watch the video below;



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