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People&Places: Everything you need to know about Bukom Ga ‘komi’ and how it’s prepared [WATCH]




Ga Kenkey goes mostly with kena - fried fish, tsoofi - turkey tail or pork - domedo

Ga ‘Komi’ is a staple of the Gas in Ghana but with time, it has become one favourite of many. It is a meal prepared with corn dough, corn, or plantain husk and goes with spicy sauce and more often than not, fried fish.

Many prefer to eat it in the morning whilst it’s hot as breakfast and in some instances, for lunch or supper.

Its preparation is quite demanding but once it’s done, you will enjoy yourself, that is without a doubt. In Bukom, a typical Ga community in Ghana, it is a very common occupation of many of the families there.

The kenkey business is passed on from generations. In fact, it is a very common sight to see a kenkey making or fish frying joint in Bukom at virtually every corner.

How is this delicious delicacy prepared?

A visit by GhanaWeb’s Naa Oyoe Quartey to this unique community revealed the reason behind this tradition and how to prepare authentic Ga kenkey.

Watch the full video below:



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