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Prosecute all culprits in Christ Embassy ‘high-risk Covid’ event – GMA to Police



The Ghana Medical Association has called for swift prosecution of all persons involved in the high-risk Covid-19 programme organised by the leadership of the Christ Embassy Church Ghana.

A Press Statement issued by the GMA following the development said: “The GMA hereby urges the Attorney Generals’ Department and the Ghana Police Service to as a matter of urgency ensure the swift prosecution of all persons (leadership of the Christ Embassy Church Ghana, the organizers of the said event, owners and managers of the Fantasy Dome and any other culprits) involved in this unlawful and reckless act.”

It added: “We cannot continue to risk our lives as health workers while such impunity and reckless disregard for the COVID-19 prevention protocols and laws go unchecked by the State.”

Police have shut down the Fantasy Dome at the Trade Fair Centre in Accra.

The action comes after the youth of the Christ Embassy Church held a program at the venue on Friday, April 30, 2021, during which COVID-19 protocols were disregarded.

According to the Police, they are investigating the event which was organized on their blind side.

Police have since Sunday morning locked up the Fantasy Dome and have started questioning leaders of the Church and Management of the Fantasy Dome about the event.” a police statement said.

It further stated that “any person found culpable will be arrested and duly prosecuted.”

Trending videos of the alleged gathering, dubbed “Pneumatic Night” showed a mostly unmasked crowd, screaming, chanting and dancing to the “evangelism” of their unmasked preachers.

Police said the act puts “the entire country at risk of spreading COVID-19.”

The Police did not provide security for the said event. In fact, the organisers did not give notice of the event to any Police Officer or Station. The event, advertised as a Church Service which ordinarily did not require notice under the Public Order Act, was organized at the blind side of the Police.”

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