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Chiefs who engage in double sale of land risk up to 10 years in jail – Appeals Court Judge




Justice Sir Dennis Dominic Adjei was speaking on 'Court Nkomo'

A Judge of the Court of Appeal, Justice Sir Dennis Dominic Adjei has warned Chiefs and others persons who engage in the double sale of lands to put an end to it as they can be jailed for up to 10 years for doing so.

Speaking on Court Nkomo which airs of KNM TV on YouTube, the Court of Appeals Judge said this sentence is part of the punishments prescribed in the Lands Law which was promulgated recently to help deal with the numerous land litigation issues in the country.

“…if you sell land for two different people can be jailed for five years and the maximum is 10 years…you can also be fined from GHC60,000 to GHC 120,000 for the same offence…,” he said.

Justice Adjei also said that promulgators of the new land law took into consideration the need to sanitise the administration system in the country when drafting the document.

“No judge can sentence a person found guilty to a prison term of less than five years, no, not even four years, once the judge wants to imprison you, then the punishment as stated in the law is a minimum sentencing of five years and maximum is 10 years…,”

This law, he said, is applicable to everyone and not only chiefs.

Below is the full interview on the new Land Law:



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