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VIDEO: Young men goes haywire after taking mixed of drugs



A video of young men dangling out of control due to drugs abuse has surfaced on social media and caused an uproar.

The abuse of drugs has gained a worrying trend with many campaigns being launched to admonish the youth against abuse.

Young men goes haywire after taking mixed of drugs

Many young people, in responding to why they abuse drugs, revealed that it was an effective aphrodisiac and also served as an energy booster.

Some pr0stitutes also indicated that taking such drugs made them high and aggressive in order to fight their customers who refused to pay after they had rendered services to them.

Many concerned bodies have taken serious moves to end the excessive intakes of such drugs and some results have been chalked in that regard.

In the trending video, the young men was been calmed down by individuals who appeared to be their relatives after they took in their mixed drugs.

All the attempts to put them in ‘order’ proved to be futile as they did not even appear to realize that anyone was trying to help .

Watch the video below :




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