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‘Strongman not a fufu-pounder for Sark’ – Strongman’s manager warns radio pundit




Sarkodie and Strongman

Mohammed Muhi-Deen, manager of Ghanaian rapper Strongman, threaten to verbally assault Ruthy Mummie of Nyhira FM for saying Strongman used to pound fufu for Sarkodie.

The manager issued this threat in a Facebook post where he alleged that the radio pundit was spewing lies to chase clout. According to him, the radio pundit disrespected the Strongman brand with the disparaging things she said – and he would have none of it!

In the post, Muhammed Muhi-Deen wrote, “ This should be the last you sit on any platform to spew lies and disrespect to the Strongman brand. Respect yourself and stay away from anything Strongman related. Else The next time I come at you, no right activist and NGO can save you. In case you fail to heed to this, I will verbally assault you to the point that, you’ll feel them as imprints on your body.”

He also added that he chose to refrain from insulting her because of his religious restrictions but not her gender.

Nyhira FMs Ruthy Mummy made an appearance on Saturday, 24th April 2021, on the Entertainment Power Show. Where she revealed that Strongman used to pound Fufu for Sarkodie’s family in his days at SarkCess Music. She said that this arrangement was outside the scope of Strongman’s contract and could have caused the rift.

These statements did not pleasure Strongman’s Manger, which called for retaliation. Currently, Ruthy Mummie has not responded to the threats.

Source: 3 News


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