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PHOTOS: The community where residents hang phones on trees for signal



Konkoma is a town in the Asante Akyem North District of the Ashanti Region still has its residents hanging their phones on trees for mobile networks.

Community members say network is only accessible on mango trees in the community.

The spots are however not enough to guarantee users’ network as they have to hang the phones on trees with a rope or cloth to have a slim hope of getting a signal.

On a visit to the community, Adom News‘ correspondent, Isaac Amoako, observed that the mango tree was just within one compound.

Konkoma: The community where residents hang phones on trees for signal

Even for the few lucky ones who gain access to the house, they have the burden of sitting in wait for the unstable reception before exiting for others to have their turn.

Worse of all, they would have to shout on the top of their voices in order to be heard by the person at the other end of a call.

A resident, Joe Kunda, who spoke to Adom News said the situation was taking a toll on their businesses and daily activities.

Manawuba Kofi, the ‘Odikoro’ of Konkoma Junction, has therefore called on the government as a matter of urgency to help find a solution to their problem.

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