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Ghana is only one of two countries in the world to own these lighthouses




The Cape St. Paul Lighthouse near Woe, shot by Kofi Pong (Akiboat Impressions)

The Cape St. Paul Lighthouse near Woe in the Volta region of Ghana may not be as prominent a place as the famous lighthouse at Jamestown in Accra, but on the scale of some relevance, this obscure location towers over your famous spot.

Built in 1901 near Woe, Ghana in the Volta Region, the Cape St. Paul Lighthouse is only one of two of these types of lighthouses in the world and is believed to be the oldest lighthouse in the country.

According to Wikipedia, the Cape St. Paul Lighthouse has a skeletal pyramidal base with the upper third enclosed and housing the lantern and gallery.

This ancient lighthouse, built completely of metal, can be found just off Keta’s Municipality’s main road. It is a vital part of Keta’s coastline.

Still functioning, it is used to direct ships at night away from what is believed to be a big submerged mountain just off the coast of Woe. reports that upon climbing to the top, you will be rewarded with the fantastic views of Keta’s beautiful sandy beaches and Woe’s famous farming land.


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