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VIDEO: Stop nudity, it’s not good – ‘Repented’ Akuapem Poloo tells other celebrities




Poloo addressed the media a day after leaving jail

With her 90-day jail term suspended until the determination of an appeal against her conviction, a repented Akuapem Poloo says she has already learnt her lesson.

Her lesson being that the sharing of obscene sexually graphic content on social media is very much against the laws of Ghana and she blames ignorance for her predicament.

Speaking at a press conference a day after meeting her bail condition and leaving jail, Akuapem Poloo on Saturday, April 24, used the opportunity to advise Ghanaians, with a specific focus on her fellow celebrities, to cease publishing nude content on social media, lest they face her predicament too.

“I didn’t know taking a picture with my son in that manner could take me to jail or put me in a big trouble, I didn’t know it was not a good thing. Whatever it is forgive me,” she pleaded to a tall list of individuals and groups including the President.

“Everyone please, I beg, forgive me. I didn’t do that intentionally. I am your kid sister, I am your child, I am your daughter please forgive me and I want to say this to my colleagues, the young ones who are coming that it is not a good act. I didn’t know and I did it, and this is what I’ve gotten myself into. So please, especially the nudity, I beg you we should put a stop to it. Nudity is not good; it is not good at all,” she repeated in a very remorseful tone.

Akuapem Poloo, whose original name is Rosemond Brown, landed in trouble when she shared a naked picture of herself and her seven-year-old son on social media in celebration of her son’s birthday.

Having gone through prosecution and having been convicted and sentenced to a 90-day jail term by an Accra Circuit after she pleaded guilty, Akuapem Poloo found grace when a court granted her bail pending the determination of her appeal against the sentence.



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