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VIDEO: My biggest task was drawing Stonebwoy’s mother on his back – Popular tattoo artist reveals




Stonebwoy got the tattoo in the early part of this year

Exactly 5 years after his mother, Catherine Satekla, passed away, musician Livingstone Etse Satekla, popularly known as Stonebwoy decided to get her face tattooed onto his back.

Now doing this without any mistake was artist, Anthony Jefferson Hanson’s biggest task since he began his profession years back.

He had been doing body art for years since he completed senior high school but saw this as a challenge on another level.

Speaking to GhanaWeb’s Wonder Ami Hagan on the People&Places show, he noted:

“My most challenging work so far, recently was tattooing Stonebwoy’s mother on the back because then he is a celebrity and I couldn’t have afforded to make a mistake in any way possible. Even though I had been doing that numerous times, when it got to him, I felt a little bit of pressure because it was like writing my tattoo final exam. If it went wrong then everybody will know anyway, it can’t be hidden,” he added.

Jefferson whose brand; Ashenso GH has gone beyond the borders of Ghana further revealed that curiosity, among other things, is the reason many have come to him to have their ‘stories’ drawn on their bodies.

Watch the full interview below:



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