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VIDEO: Amerado explains why he walked out from a live interview




Amerado Burner

Amerado Burner, a Ghanaian rapper, has clarified the motive behind his walkout during a live radio interview on Kingdom FM, Friday, April 16, 2021.

According to the rapper, he was at the radio station to promote his new single dubbed “Me Ho Y3” but the presenter known as Londona, mischievously brought in a supposed battle with another rapper, Sarkodie, whom he [Amerado] described as a legend and did not want to disrespect.

He said, Sarkodie at a point in his career featured him on his song, so it was only proper for him [Amerado] to walk out of the interview, especially when he made it clear to the presenter that he is not comfortable with the question and does not want to answer.

“I walked out because I came to promote my new song “Me Ho Y3”. The presenter did not ask me anything concerning my song but rather brought in a social media commentary that I’m a good rapper and people are asking if I can battle with Sarkodie.

“I humbly told the presenter that it will be better we talk about my new song; if I say anything and it does not go down well with people it will sound like I have disrespected the legend so it’s better we promote my song. The presenter did not heed to my explanation and was still insisting that I answer the rap battle question about Sarkodie, so respectfully, I decided to walk out,” he narrated on United Showbiz on UTV monitored by GhanaWeb.

Amerado noted that Sarkodie has worked hard on his craft and over a decade he is still relevant in the Ghana music industry so even in interviews where he is not relevant, radio presenters want to compare young talents to him, which sometimes puts fear in the young musicians.

“That does not mean that I don’t like him [presenter] asking me questions about Sarkodie, but as young, as I am and now coming into the game, what will benefit me if I challenge Sarkodie with a rap battle? Somebody who featured me in one of his songs?

“I take most of my inspiration from him because he is a legend; living legend, so if I want to reach where he has gotten to, when I come for interviews, you need to play my songs to help me attain the heights Sarkodie has attained and not to compare me to him…,” he explained.

He quoted some lyrics of his song which states, “don’t make that mistake to compare me to Sark, 10-years and he is still the king and I’m not his size but don’t make that mistake not to compare me to Sark because from verse to verse, with all due respect he won’t take it easy.”

Amerado Burner explained further that he used those lyrics in his song because “Sarkodie has worked hard on his craft for us to play with, so if you go for an interview and Sarkodie is not relevant in that interview, they use him as the marking scheme which puts some fear in us.”

He said if he does not speak well of the legend who has helped him before in an interview that questions about him were asked, his fans will not take it lightly and may decide not to come for his shows because as a young rapper, he is tapping in into Sarkodie’s fan base, Shatta Wale’s fan base, Stonebwoy’s fan base.

“So, if you pitch me against him, then I’m losing their fans. If Sarkodie retires, Sark Nation will rally behind me so if I have a problem with him today, who will follow me? It about time they pay attention to us, the young artistes because if the legends are not around, we will be taking over,” he stressed.



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