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PHOTOS: Police Officer Shoots Girlfriend



All was not well as report gathered bares that temper flares up as Police officer shot his girlfriend. 
The incident attracts much attention and also generates massive reactions after being revealed on social media.
The lady who was so pretty now look horrible as a result of sad incident meted on her by the boyfriend who is a police officer.Many people in relationships lately have regretted as they go through hell in the hands of those not meant for them. 

Well, social media have helped to exposed the bad people who do the unthinkable acts.

This lady is a young energetic beautiful lady, who is dating a policeman and planning of marriage in the near future. She has always been visiting her police boyfriend at home.

The lady narrating her story explained that she visited the boyfriend who is a police officer, but only to be told he was tired being in the relationship with her.

The lady didn’t say anything so one-day when she was looking for an apartment to rent, this policeman called her on phone and told her to come to the house. Though the lady was surprised but didn’t think evil for the ex boyfriend.

When she went to the boyfriend, there was misunderstanding and all she could feel was something which has passed through her mouth and it was bullet of a gun from the policeman.

Before she was shot

After she was shot



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