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VIDEO: The beads that beautify the dead




The beads are used as an adornment for dead persons

Ghanaian culture and traditionalism is fascinating. It comprises a number of components and may or may not cut across the various ethnic groups the country has.

When people die, per different cultures, there are a number of rites performed to see the person off as they embark on another journey in the next world.

These rites include adorning the corpse with clothes and in some cases, adding some traditional items which usually, people believe the deceased will need in the next world.

Particular beads are also worn for the corpses. In the Ga community especially, the white and red beads are worn on the arms and legs of the departed for decorative purposes.

This was revealed by Grace Tettey, a trader at the Makola market who has been selling beads for the past 30 years after taking over from her stepsister.

Explaining how this works to the People&Places team, she said,

“The white ones are usually used as an ornament to decorate corpses. It is used on their arms and ankles.”

She however explained how some other persons prefer using it around their waist for decorative purposes.

Watch the full interview about beads, their designs and what you didn’t know:



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