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Wesley Girls SHS ban Muslim students from praying, reading the Quran and wearing hijab



As some Ghanaians are not fighting Achimota School for not admitting two Rastafarian students, a piece of new information from Cape Coast has also emerged.

According to information cited on Mynewsgh, the authorities of Wesley Girls Senior High school has barred all Muslims from worshipping on their campus.

Not just that, they have also asked that the students don’t bring in their holy book which is the Quran to read while still on campus.

Some Muslim parents, as well as, old students who are Muslims has expressed their displeasure with this new directive by the school not to allow their wards freedom of worship.

According to people who spoke, some courageous students who want to practice their religion hide in their dormitories to pray something they believe it’s improper and an infringement.

Another parent also told the media that last week a student who was admitted at the school came in with a Quran and a hijab for prayers but they were returned to her parents stating that those things are being accepted in the school.

One parent also stated that they have no problem with their Muslim wards being asked to attend church service since that is part of the school rules but aside from everything, they should be allowed to practice their religion in peace.


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