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Nkawkaw Police on manhunt for woman who ‘kidnapped’ 4-year-old boy



The 4-year-old KG 2 pupil who has been kidnapped

Police in Nkawkaw in the Eastern Region are investigating a purported case of the kidnapping of a 4-year-old KG 2 pupil of the Ifradullah Islamic Basic School at Nkawkaw Zongo.

Alhaji Mohammed Abdul, father of Mansur Mohammed told GhanaWeb in an interview that he received a call from his wife Monday afternoon that one of their five children failed to return home with his siblings after they closed from school.

According to information gathered by GhanaWeb, the unidentified woman was spotted in front of the school gate calling out to the children of the couple aged between 4 and 6 years to her side.

“They closed from school yesterday [Monday] around midday and a woman stood in front of the school, calling out to my children,” the distraught father told GhanaWeb.

Puzzled by the actions of the woman, the attention of the headmaster of the school was drawn to the scene where he approached her and enquired an explanation to her actions.

She was said to have explained to the school head that she had been sent by the mother of the children whom she named to convince the headmaster, to bring them home.

“The headmaster said he was in the school and noticed the actions of the woman and he approached her and asked where she knew the children but she mentioned the name of the mother of the kidnapped boy as having sent her bring them home,” said Alhaji Mohammed Abdul who added that the headmaster subsequently left the scene.

Satisfied with this explanation, the headmaster was said to have given her the permission to take them home after which she left with.

The eldest of the five children told her parents that upon reaching a spot on their way home which is only about five minutes’ walk from the school, the unidentified woman carried the four-year-old in her arms and asked the rest of the children to go home since she was buying something nearby but till now, neither the boy nor the woman could be found.

“The woman left with the children and on the way, carried the youngest child [Mansur Mohammed] in her arms and told the rest of them to go home and that they were buying something and would follow them right away,” the father narrated.

Another child reportedly told the parents of the kidnapped boy that he saw the said woman entered a vehicle with the child.

The case was immediately reported to the Nkawkaw who went to the crime scene to ascertain the situation.

Meanwhile, the father of the child is appealing to members of the general public to help him find the missing child who speaks Twi and Hausa.

Police investigations continue into the case.



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