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GES makes U-Turn on admission of Rastafarian students in schools



Director-General of the GES, Professor Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa

It is emerging that the Ghana Education Service (GES) has rescinded its earlier decision and thrown its support to Achimota School for refusing to admit the Rastafarian students.

This u-turn decision by GES was disclosed by Lawyer for the Parents of the Rastafarian Students Ras George Tetteh Wayo in an interview on Joy News.

He revealed that an emergency meeting between the GES, Achimota school and the Rastafarian council on Monday suggested that the GES’s statement was just a façade and that GES did not show commitment to prove they disagree with Achimota school.

The Lawyer who expressed disappointment in the development stressed that they will be heading to court to seek redress.

NAGRAT led by its President Angel Kabonu on Monday took a swipe at the GES’s decision to force the students on Achimota and assured Achimota School of their unflinching support.

“People say human right, human right but human right is best placed where there is rules and regulations”, Angel Kabonu stressed.

It is however not clear whether the diatribe fired at the GES by NAGRAT is what occasioned GES’s U-turn.



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