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Fake soldier arrested for assaulting 59-year-old man



The suspect is an employee of a security firm in Accra

The Mpraeso Magistrate Court is prosecuting a 52-year-old security man for allegedly assaulting and causing the unlawful arrest of a 59-year-old man over a chieftaincy dispute.

Kwaku Agyemang, a security man was also said to have been parading as a soldier.

In a Daily Graphic report seen by GhanaWeb, a police source confirming the incident said the suspect hails from Tease in the Afram Plains South District but has been employed by a private security firm in Accra where he resides.

Kwaku Agyemang is alleged to have been terrorizing residents of the Afram Plains area anytime he visits with claims that he is a soldier and has on occasions threatened to deal with anyone who dare cross his path.

Chieftaincy dispute

According to the Daily Graphic, Kwaku Agyemang and his 59-year-old victim were two weeks ago invited to Obo Kwahu to resolve a chieftaincy dispute pending at Tease between two clans.

The two having attended the meeting at the Palace of the Obo Chief left for their various destinations but whiles on the way back, the suspect who was in a taxi ordered his driver to speed up and crossed the victim who was also in a different car around the Obo cemetery heading towards the Obomeng-Mpraeso road.

The suspect is said to have alighted from the taxi and threatened to deal with the victim if he failed to give up on the chieftaincy case, but his threats were ignored and the car drove off.

The victim was again accosted by the suspect at the Mpraeso lorry station where he had stopped to buy bread.

Assault and threats at Mpraeso

Whiles in the process of buying the bread, the suspect arrived and without any provocation assaulted the victim.

Agyemang handcuffed and caged the victim after subjecting him to severe beatings.

The action by the suspect is said to have attracted the attention of some taxi drivers and Community Police Assistants at the scene who sought to verify the facts behind the incident.

The suspect reportedly told the crowd that the 59-year-old Kwasi Ofosu was a thief who had been declared wanted in Accra for which he had been assigned to effect his arrest.

The suspect who was then questioned by the Community Police Assistants to prove his identity, identified himself as a soldier from Accra.

He was then asked by the officers to follow them together with his victim to a police station where he could write his statement.

The suspect however managed to dodge the officers while they were on their way to the police station leaving his victim in the hands of the Community Police Assistants.

Arrest of suspect in Accra

The victim, Kwasi Ofosu, who knew the residence of the suspect in Accra later led the Police from Mpraeso with the assistance of the Airport Police to the suspect’s house around the Nyaho Clinic area where he was apprehended.

The Police upon a search in the suspect’s room found three uniforms of the Ghana Army, a handcuff, and some weapons which were brought to the station as exhibits.

Kwaku Agyemang was put behind bars for some days at the Mpraeso Police cells before he was sent to the Mpraeso Magistrate Court, where he was later granted bail after pleadings by his counsel.

He is expected to next appear before the court on April 20, 2021.



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