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Aborted foetuses, condoms increase operational cost – Ghana Sewerage Company




Ghana Sewage Company says the discharge of aborted foetus and condoms increases operational cost

Managers of Ghana Sewerage System Limited in Accra have cautioned residents in and around Accra to desist from contaminating liquid waste with solid ones such as aborted foetuses and other foreign materials.

According to the handlers of faecal waste in the country, the practice does not only increase their cost but threatens their operations as well.

According to the Head of Processing and Engineering at the Sewerage Systems Ghana Ltd, Eric Amofa-Sarkodie, about four aborted foetuses have been retrieved so far from faecal waste brought to the facility for processing.

Speaking to Accra100.5FM News during a visit to the facility by the parliamentary press corps, Mr Amofa-Sarkodie disclosed that the company spends over GHS20,000 monthly in separating solid waste from liquid waste.

Mr Amofa-Sarkodie also said the controversial sanitation and pollution levy will be a game-changer in the management of sanitation services in the country.

He, therefore, urged citizens to embrace the levy to help sanitation service providers keep a clean country.

Source: Class FM


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