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Sacristy of Prestea Catholic Church guttered by fire



The sacristy of the St Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Prestea has been guttered by fire destroying lots of chasubles (cleric garments) and documents of the church.

The sacristy is a room for keeping chasubles and other church furnishings, sacred vessels, and parish records.

The fire incident which happened on Sunday evening around 10:00pm started from the electrical main switch which is located at the sacristy.

The security of the church was the first to identify the fire who informed the Parish Priest. Folks from Prestea Zongo rushed there upon seeing the fire to help salvage the situation.

With the help of the Prestea Huni Valley Municipal Fire Service command, the fire was doused.

According to the Prestea Huni Valley Municipal Fire Safety Officer, Station Officer Ebenezer Kpodo, the fire destroyed monstrance, cross, chasubles, documents, communion wine, stove, church instruments, books and some sacramentals of the church.

The sacristy roof was totally burnt, with the building developing lots of cracks as a result of the fire.

Station Officer Kpodo said the fire service has thus recommended to the church to conduct a proper assessment of the building in order to ascertain whether to renovate it or pull it down.



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