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Sarkodie will receive Grammy award soon – Sherifa Gunu predicts



Sherifa Gunu, a Ghanaian Soul music star, has predicted that rapper Sarkodie will soon receive a Grammy award since the latter is better than some of the Nigerian musicians who received the Grammy award this year.

Sarkodie will receive Grammy award soon because recently I watched his short videos and the way he performed is not a small thing,” Sherifa Gunu said on United Showbiz on UTV on Saturday evening.

Her prediction is predicated on the fact that Sarkodie music videos reveal a well-rehearsed use of choral music concepts, the acoustic guitar and hip-hop rhythms typical of Grammy award winners who perform Sarkordie’s genre of music.

“I swear Sark will conquer,” Sherifa Gunu predicted.

Sherifa Gunu indicated that the musicians in this country are leaving the instruments out of their compositions – a major drawback, contrary to what other musicians in other African countries are doing and staying ahead.

“We have musicians here but something is missing along the line. The rhythms – we still need it. You know many of us do not invite guitarists [into] the studio anymore; we don’t use the live instruments anymore,” Sherifa Gunu observed.

“If you call me for a show and the programme is a live band and the band did not rehearse my songs very well, I cannot perform because if you listen to my songs, the strings [within the rhythm], I will need them because the rhythm [calls] me to sing.”

Sherifa Gunu emphasised that she does write songs: all she needs in a good studio is to have the string instruments in a rhythm and the lyrics will just come to her like magic.

The soul music star observed that Ghanaian musicians are always in a war of words over superiority – an unnecessary distraction.

“Here I’m the champion, I’m this, I’m that,” Gunu observed. “We can’t go that way and get Grammy, [instead] we need to look at the music that we do here in the country.”



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