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How a millionaire locked up Mercedes Benz for almost 40 years because of Rawlings



Horrible and harrowing stories about military dictator Jerry John Rawlings will never go away.

One of such stories has been shared by sports journalist, Saddick Adams (Sports Obama) about how a very wealthy businessman in the early days of former President Rawlings’ PNDC regime.

The businessman whose name Saddick gave as Alhaji Agyaa, was compelled to lock up his exotic and luxurious Mercedes Benz in a reinforced garage in order to avoid it being confiscated.

Saddick Adams disclosed on his Twitter feed:

“For those who grew in BA [the then Brong Ahafo Region], this man was very rich and popular in the 1970-80s. He was the only millionaire who could acquire this Mercedes in the early 80s when JJ Rawlings was Military leader. Rawlings wanted to seize the car so the man-made a special metal garage to hide the car.”

He added that the garage was forced open after over 35 years

“This car used to be the talk of town in Techiman. Saw this on Anas Sabit Facebook.

“Alhaji Agyaa was his name. The car was popularly called “Alhaji Agyaa Benz,” he wrote.

The post has since attracted several comments and reactions from people who recounted their experience of how they frantically tried to have a view of the car back in those days.

“He’s still alive and healthy, those days I remember when we pip through the garage to watch this car, we were told the car flies, it has a machine gun. This man is a great man,” @boyfriction wrote.

One Jibril Idris commented:

“The man is still alive. He stays at Techiman zongo.”

See below pictures of the Alhaji Agyaa Benz when the garage was finally opened:



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