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Hit and Run Driver Kills Cop



POLICE HAVE initiated investigations to arrest a suspected hit and run driver who reportedly killed a policeman on Ashotiano and Asuhyiae stretch in the Dormaa East District of the Bono Region, according to information gathered by DGN online.

The officer, General Constable Amos Maatey Nigaoko, number 56637 of the Wamfie Police Station said to have left his duty post to buy a mosquito repellant when the incident occurred Monday, March 1, 2021.

According to information, on the aforementioned day at about 7pm, Constable Amos who was on snap check duty at Nsesresu with another policeman called Sergeant Ibrahim Karim when he sought permission go to town to buy mosquito repellant.

Upon several minutes of waiting he was not returning when phone calls were made to friends to warn him to return to his duty point but no avail.

However, the subsequent day March 2, 2021at about 7am , information reached police that there was a body lying by the roadside between Asuotiano and Asuhyiae suspected to be an accident victim.

Police proceeded to the scene only to recognise that the deceased was Constable Amos.

Police got intelligence that the deceased was hit by an unknown vehicle that is currently on the run.

Meanwhile, the corpse of Constable Amos has been deposited at the Presby Hospital at Dormaa for preservation and autopsy as investigations continue.


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