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HOT VIDEO: Yaa Pono under fire for ‘spitting on Kumerica’, labeled ‘P2 Papa’



Yaa Pono has incurred the wrath of King Paluta and Primpong following the release of ‘Facts’.

The two Kumasi-based rappers have released separate songs to register their displeasure at Yaa Pono over a line the Tema-based rapper used in ‘Facts’ – a diss song directed at SarkodieShatta Wale and Samini.

While Yaa Pono maintained on ‘Facts’ that his talent is unmatched, he took a dig at Shatta Wale for organising young Kumasi-based rappers for a record after doing a collaboration with Beyonce.

Phrimpong and King Paluta who were among the rappers featured on Shatta Wale‘s ‘Ahodwo Las Vegas’ released late last year, take strong exception to Yaa Pono’s assertion. They decipher that line to be a jibe at Kumasi-based rappers and the Kumerica movement, hence, their decision to release diss songs targetted at Yaa Pono.

Phrimpong titles his ‘That Line’ while King Paluta calls his ‘Murder Case’.

Sounding very furious, Phrimpong tells Yaa Pono to not blame his inability to maintain prominence despite the many years of being in the industry on anyone but himself.

“Rap Methuselah 15 years under earth… Let this be the last time you speak ill of my city. You had your breakthrough here, silly,” Primpong raps. “Your boys are all out of the ghetto and make it but still, you’re stuck there.”

Phrimpong further chided Yaa Pono for constantly taking a swipe at “successful Sarkodie” while he [Yaa Pono] makes no hay.

Touting the relevance of Shatta Wale, Primpong rapped that none of the Kumerica rappers would have accepted to be on a track with Yaa Pono because he’s lost it.

“Imagine you had decided to record Las Vegas and we were to be featured by Pono… Ah! When the song is done, how would you promote it when you can’t even promote yourself,” he chided.

On his part, tongue twister King Paluta said Yaa Pono can only boast of being a weed smoker. Like Primpong, King Paluta mentioned that Yaa Pono’s progress has been stagnant.

While likening Yaa Pono’s status in the music industry to a school child who has repeatedly failed to progress to the next class, King Paluta said: “You’ve been here for long, P2 papa.”

Listen to the songs below.



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