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‘You are ashamed’ – Captain Smart slams Ignatius Annor



In the fiery interview that ensued between Captain Smart of Angel FM and self-confessed gay man and LGBTQ+ activist, Ignatius Annor, a number of accusations and name-calling were made, particularly from the interviewer who by virtue of his questions showed that he had taken an extreme position on the matter.

One of such accusations is his criticism of Ignatius Annor as not being proud of his sexuality.

This allegation which was rejected by Ignatius Annor was triggered by a ‘dehumanizing and disrespectful’ question posed to the interviewee by Captain Smart.

Captain Smart had sought to establish the role of Ignatius Annor in his relationship with his gay partner by asking if he is a man or woman.

Ignatius who had throughout the interview expressed disquiet about the host’s line of questioning told Captain Smart that ‘“I find your question very disrespectful and I will not answer your question. It is dehumanizing and disrespectful because I have not asked you that question as a straight man. So you can’t ask me that and it’s very unfortunate. As a human being, you don’t have the right to ask that question.”

Despite him being clear in his earlier statement that he deemed the question as an invasion of his privacy and will not give an answer, Captain Smart probed further and in doing so accused him of not being proud of his sexual orientation.

In the wisdom of Captain Smart, the decision by the former Metro TV journalist to answer a question he deems as an attack on the LGBTQ+ community is an affirmation of his perception that such people are not proud of what they do.

“You are ashamed. You are a proud gay so you should be proud to tell us. If you ask about who I am in my relationship, I will tell you. You are a bit ashamed to say you are a he-she. Psychologically, you’ve brought some unwarranted pressure on yourself. You are ashamed to say that you are female in your relationship,” Captain Smart charged.



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