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Bees attack residents of Assin Fosu;12-month-old baby, Pastor and others hospitalised



A swarm of bees has attacked some residents of Assin Fosu New Town in the Central Region, resulting in the hospitalisation of some persons including a 12-month-old baby and a Pastor

According to reports, some children disrupted the bees in their hives located in the tower of a mosque with pellets of stones. This resulted in their attack.

According to a victim of the attack, Nicodemus Sego, “the bees have been in the tower of the mosque close to 3 years. The religious leaders have done nothing about it despite their knowledge of the situation.”

Explaining how he got caught up in the attack, he said “we came to deliver some cement here. I rolled down the glasses of my car. All of a sudden from nowhere, the whole car was invaded by bees.”

“Every part of my body was stung including my face and private parts. I and my colleague had to forcefully open the door and dash out to the hospital area while they were still pursuing us,” he narrated.

About the Pastor, Nicodemus said “the Church of Christ Pastor was driving towards that direction. He was also met with the attack. Not knowing what to do—losing control—he bumped into a parked taxi whose driver also escaped for his life. At least six people were injured in the process. We had to call the fire service to intervene.”

Others around who also got stung shared their stories. According to a father of family, they were met with the bees on a junction while on their way to farm. They had to run back towards home.

“In the course of running I dropped my cutlass and other equipment I use in farming. It was like everybody was fighting for his own life.” He narrated.

The fire service personnel who came to the scene together with ‘s reporter, Kwame Owusu Asante Shadrack were not spared.



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