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“Dogs are even better than men” – Lady, Marie ‘respectfully’ insults men



A lady who goes by the name Marie is at the mercy at netizens predominantly men for saying dogs are better than they are.

Apparently, this lady made a comparison between dogs and men and suggested that it is an insult for anyone to compare men to dogs because they are worse.

Marie believes the attitudes, behaviours and the insatiable desire by men, in general, to chase women up and down defeats the unpopular opinion that “men are dogs”.

According to her men are worse off than dogs based on how they treat women and their selfish desire to pursue any woman they set their eyes on.

She wrote: we need to stop saying “men are dogs” cause that’s an insult to dogs please. dogs are better than men. shalom

As usual, men who felt insulted by this statement from Marie did not spare a chance to meet her boot for boot. While some say she is just a clout chaser who needs cheap attention, others did not miss a chance to drag her equally.

Check Out Some Of These Reactions Here

Wofah K wrote: So in other words dogs are better than your father your brother if u have one and the rest of your siblings if (boys)

Maame Adutwumwaa wrote: Then I think she should have limited it to “those men she has met in her life”, this kinda generalization hurts, some opinions must be kept in a box and locked up in an attic, coz it may coz damages when out. You don’t insult people and call it an opinion, naa.

Mulla wrote: horny ass niggas giving these girls unnecessary validations..and now they got nerves to talk like they never had home training tf!

Phacterz wrote: Okay so you wake up one day and tell the whole wide world that dogs are better than men while you know vividly you wouldn’t be here breathing to type these words if not for your dad who had to impregnate your mum. Unless you wanna tell me your being to this world was a mistake

Ing wrote: Then be sure never to post when you’re married and when you happen to do so too make sure it’s not a dog you married but a woman. Woho Fon sɛ me whoa ase wati. Kurasinii baa.




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