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It’s Time To Over Desapair, Hopelessness, And Uncertainty Borne Out COVID-19

(1 Billion People Including Men And Women Of God To Follow Rev. Dr. Ock Soo Park For Hope To Overcome) From 27th To 31st Of October, 2020)



Life transforming Bible Conference  with Rev. Ock Soo Park and other Ministers which was broadcasted on YouTube, various social networking sites and  276  broadcasting stations around  the world  in the  month  of  May  is back  once again from the 27th (Tue) to the 31st (Sat).   Rev. Ock   Soo Park ‘s  Bible   Seminar which has been completely converted online, has grown  into a larger event by combining Internet broadcasting technology systems, and the international network of the  Good News Mission. In particular, the networks of Christian and broadcasting companies in each country, which have been formed through more than 30 years   of overseas  missions, have made  it  possible to broadcast quickly in more than 100 countries through 276 broadcasters around the world in a short time.




Though COVID 19 has not fully left us; it’s left a dead zone of job losses, economic crisis in many countries including Ghana, which has resulted in despair and uncertainty for the future. Due to the above, the past few months has seen Christian ministers who perceive the changes that has occurred in the society due to the COVID 19 pandemic to be a stepping stone and an opportunity for worldwide evangelization.


In doing this Rev. Dr. Ock Soo Park founder of Good News Mission and Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF) and these minsters have gathered their hearts and will to commence an On-line Conference from the 27th- 31st October 2020 which shall be in two (2) sessions; 9:30am and & 6:30pm  respectively.


Christianity has not been left out of the devastating effects of the pandemic. Most church centered groups have turned to online worship and online services have become a network through which the world can be connected. This event is expected to connect about one billion people all around the world to this very event.


This programme is a rare opportunity for ministers and the general populace to reminisce the meaning of “THE TIME FOR DESPAIR IS OVER, IT’S TIME TO OVERCOME” through specially prepared lectures, testimonies, fellowship etc. It is a time for all Christians and Christian leaders from all countries in the world to return to calling on the name of God for true salvation.


The essence of the theme is to dive down into the new life of the gospel to families, churches and the entire society. It is a call on the entire Christianity to return to the true church which conveys the blessings of God to all mankind.


In these unusual times, the Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF) and the Good News Mission in Association with other Christian based groups has prepared this on-line conference for Christian leaders and the general public who are going through difficulties due to COVID-19 to overcome the crisis and its related despair and to seek the path to take to overcome.




Good News Mission Church is a non-profit making NGO determined to strengthen hearts of people with the pure word of God through Bible Seminars, Crusades, Conferences, and Mindset Lecture Series. Rev. Ock Soo Park, Founder of Good News Mission, has formed many subsidiaries to give hope to the young people, the marginalized through the word of God and champion humanitarian services to world.


Source: Thepressradio.com


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