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PROPHET: Prophet caught pants down with married woman

A rogue prophet of God cursed the day he was born after he was caught red handed eating the forbidden fruit of a married woman.

It is said they husband had gone to a funeral and while he was there his heartfelt like something was just wrong.

The loving husband went back to check on his wife only to find this so-called prophet busy on top of his wife.

When the community was informed all they wanted to do was shame this self-claimed prophet who used the name of God to get into a married woman’s pants.

People were making fun of him and wanted the cheating couple to stand up so they can take pictures. It is said when you are guilty you become defenceless, so you do whatever you are told.

It sure is an embarrassment what this prophet did using the name of God to sleep someone’s wife.

Others would call this karma because when you play with the God’s name you sure will get what’s coming to you.

While this might not be the reason to cheat others take pleasure in doing the unthinkable.

Watch the video below:


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