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Yaa Jackson Sells Charm on Her IG Page



Alot of businesses have been advertised on social media to attract a lot of customers and that seems to be the case of female musician Yaa Jackson who is alleged to be selling charms on her verified social media handle.

The singer who was recently in the news after videos of her fainting and been rushed to the hospital popped up is now said to be engaging in online marketing as she sells stuffs like oil for a favour, bounding and a whole lot.

Taking to her Instagram handle she wrote saying;

“@ohemaa_products_ Our products are very effective. We have varieties of products. We have products for bonding, favor, Good luck, and attraction of men. Dm: @ohemaa_papabi_. WhatsApp/call 0248143309 @ohemaa_products_”.

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Yaa Jackson


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