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PHOTOS: 15 Years Old JHS Student Sets The Internet On Fire With His Handwriting



The handwriting of this Junior High School student has caused a lot of reactions on social media. In a post sighted by GhanaTrending on ‘Tell it all’ a popular Ghanaian group, the Junior high school student is said to be 15 years of Age and his handwriting is like that of an adult or a type of font.

When it comes to handwriting, not everybody can boast fully beat their chest and say they have a very nice handwriting.

A lot of people actually enroll in handwriting courses just to help them write properly. In ghana, most companies and organizations might no’t employ a secretary who doesn’t have a good handwriting.

So when we see young ones with outstanding handwriting we tend to appreciate them, and encourage them to keep up the good work.

This young boy has set a pace for his mates in class, and for others to see.

Take a look at his beautiful handwriting below;

See reactions from Ghanaians on social media;


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